Join the No Cussing Club

This is a cool story about a remarkable young man in California who was tired of hearing his friends swear when they got to middle school and so he wound up starting a “No Cussing” club. After the anticipated cuss-outs that he received from classmates, he eventually got media attention which drew in thousands more people to join the club. One school in Louisiana started a club and in one year, profanity infractions at the school dropped 64% and bullying incidents at the school dropped 90%. This young man has been on numerous news programs, as well as the Jay Leno show, Dr. Phil, was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, and more. Its great to see a young man emerge doing something positive, especially in the face of his receiving numerous death threats requiring police and FBI protection. Our whole family just signed up for free memberships in his club at Sign up today and take the pledge to keep your language clean.

Fox News clip

On Passing a Resolution in CA for a No-Cussing Week

Taking on Vice-President Biden for his cuss language on national TV.

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