Who is Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was the founder of the Mormon church. Born in Vermont, December 23, 1805, his family later moved to rural New York. This video is an overview of his life and was produced by the LDS church. In it, you will see a glimpse of the boy who became a prophet of God just like the ancient prophets God called such as Samuel, Moses, and Malachi. God does speak to his children and he does call men to be His prophets today, just as in ancient times. I hope you enjoy this movie. Grab some popcorn and Kleenex.

First Post

This site is just getting started but we hope to provide some insight into the lives of some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (AKA “The Mormons“). We’ll share some things put out from the church, but mostly just share what we value about being members of the church and why we think others would find value there as well.